Entrepreneurship SpeakHER Series

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Launched in January 2022 with the support of the U.S. Consulate General Toronto, the Entrepreneurship SpeakHER Series consists of virtual sessions and networking events that aim to empower post-secondary students, especially women, to consider entrepreneurship as a potential career path. The series features American women entrepreneurs sharing stories, lessons, and wise words taken from their entrepreneurial journey. Eight webinars and two virtual networking sessions were hosted from January 2022 to April 2023.

Starting in 2024, we are excited to continue the series, featuring four virtual webinars and two in-person networking events; all made feasible through the general support of the Canada Public Diplomacy Grant in collaboration with the Embassy and Consulates of the United States.

  1. To motivate and encourage diverse post-secondary students, especially women-identifying students, to discover opportunities within the realm of entrepreneurship, regardless of their fields of study.
  2. To build a robust support system and network to strengthen the bilateral ties between Canada and the United States and unite women entrepreneurs with aspiring entrepreneurs from both nations.
  3. To provide value to our speakers and audience members using an open platform for networking and communication during each activity.
  4. To empower women identifying entrepreneurs, both current and aspiring, to make new connections and advance their entrepreneurial journey.

*Although this series is targeted to women-identifying speakers and participants, all are welcome to attend and interact with activities both virtual and in-person.*

All virtual sessions are recorded and will be shared to registrants and posted on our YouTube channel.

Stay tuned!

Name of SpeakHER Name of Session Registration Link
Amy Rivard, Singer Songwriter, Actor  Entrepreneurship SpeakHER Series, Find your Beat with Amy Rivard

Watch here:

Find your beat with Amy Rivard

Karen Hsu, SVP Mobile DevOps and Security Solutions at Appdome

Watch here:

Women in TECHpreneurship with Karen Hsu

Name of Presenter Name of Workshop Workshop Link
Donna Stoney, Owner & Winemaker, Stoney Wines, and
Executive Director of StoneyBrooke Residential Services, LLC
Watch here!
Bre’Ann White, photograher  Watch here!
Carol Hofgartner, Founder and Executive Director of Art Road Nonprofit Watch here!
Melanie Lang, Founder and CEO of FormAlloy Watch here!
 Name of Presenter  Name of Workshop  Workshop Link
Watch here!
Felicia Maxwell, Owner and Founder
at Fit4Life Health and Fitness LLC
 Watch here!
Karthy Chandra, Founder of Goalden Hour  Watch here!
Valerie Obenchain, Founder and CEO at
Advanced Interactive Response System (AIRS)
Watch here!
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Contact [email protected] with any questions.