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Discover Uncharted Pathways: Empowering BIPOC Entrepreneurs for Success

September 5, 2023 @ 1:00 am - 2:30 pm

Join us at The EPICentre for an in-depth exploration that shines a spotlight on pioneering leaders who have weathered uncharted industries and learn how to harness their expertise to fuel your entrepreneurial journey.

Featured Speakers

Uncover the expertise of these distinguished speakers, who are uniquely equipped to guide you through the intricate pathways of uncharted entrepreneurship. Gain transformative insights that pave the way for your success.

Wen Teoh: Director, EPICentre

Entrepreneurship Champion As the Director of EPICentre, Wen is the driving force behind entrepreneurship and innovation at the University of Windsor. With a comprehensive background in entrepreneurship, project management, and information technology, she brings a unique perspective to the table. Wen’s involvement in global ventures and her role in shaping the community landscape positions her as an expert in harnessing innovation. Her insights offer a valuable roadmap for BIPOC entrepreneurs embarking on journeys in uncharted industries.


Laurie A. Tannous: Expert in Global Business & Legal Affairs

Inspirational Speaker Discover unparalleled insights from Laurie A. Tannous, a distinguished legal mind with a remarkable track record in navigating complex global business landscapes. With a dynamic career spanning diverse industries, Laurie is sought after by industry leaders and government officials alike for her expertise in cross-border management, security, and immigration law. As an esteemed speaker, she imparts her extensive knowledge to guide aspiring BIPOC entrepreneurs through the intricacies of uncharted industries.



Donna Stoney: Founder of Stoney Wines

Pioneer of BIPOC Representation a trailblazing entrepreneur whose journey from dream to reality has ignited the path for others to follow. As the founder of Stoney Wines and the driving force behind the International Association of BIPOC Winemakers, Donna is at the forefront of reshaping the wine industry. Her commitment to unity, family, and heartfelt happiness resonates in both her social service initiatives and her winemaking endeavors, making her an exceptional source of inspiration for budding BIPOC entrepreneurs.



Rakesh Naidu: CEO & President, Windsor-Essex Regional Chamber of Commerce

Industry Strategist Rakesh Naidu, the visionary CEO & President of the Windsor-Essex Regional Chamber of Commerce. With a wealth of experience in economic development and entrepreneurship, Rakesh has cultivated an impressive network of industry leaders. As the founder of AyeWork, an innovative recruiting platform, he understands the nuances of uncharted industries and guides BIPOC entrepreneurs towards maximizing their potential in diverse sectors.






Topics of Discussion & Opportunities

  • Inclusive Entrepreneurial Strategies: Engage in insightful conversations about practical strategies that BIPOC entrepreneurs can employ in industries that are yet to be fully explored. Learn how to leverage your distinctive viewpoints to drive innovation and seize untapped opportunities.
  • Embrace Uncertainty: Navigate uncharted territories with confidence. Understand how innovation is born from embracing the unknown, and glean wisdom from those who’ve deftly navigated through unfamiliar landscapes.
  • Overcoming Challenges: Learn how to transform challenges into stepping stones. Our speakers share their personal experiences of overcoming obstacles, arming you with valuable insights for your journey.
  • Interactive Round Table: Engage in a dynamic round table dialogue that encourages collaboration. Share your thoughts, connect with fellow entrepreneurs, and forge meaningful relationships.
  • Network of Possibilities: Connect with peers, mentors, and potential collaborators who can propel your entrepreneurial dreams forward. Expand your network and unlock opportunities for growth.

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University of Windsor – EPICentre
2455 Wyandotte St. W.
Windsor, Ontario N9B 0C1 Canada
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